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Our Technology.

H265. I want H265. I'm at a creative crossroads currently. Right now I'm uploading PRORES LT to Vimeo. This file type keeps digital grain better when watching it online and I like the look. However, a ProRes LT file streams pretty shitty, at least on Vimeo. In the future I see h265 and google fiber style internet becoming main stream which I think will mean IPHONE 5 footage not looking the same as RED. 

Right now H264 compression really gives everything that online "look." Is this a bad thing? Does it hamper creatives? Naw, I'm just a junkie for presenting a pretty image. Because of this I'm sacrificing streaming ability on Vimeo, but yet I still do it. CAUSE I LIKE DAT IMAGE MMMM. 

Youtube on the other hand. 1440p or 4k options available already. Even when everyone's monitor is generally still 1080p. Exciting stuff though. I guess. I mean does resolution mean anything to anyone except image junkies like me? Probably not. 

Why do I find myself so addicted to the "look" of my video? Content is king! I guess I'm just addicted to it. It's fun and I like doing it. 

I recently did a travel-esque show about local bars in the Dallas area. Have you ever seen a travel show filmed on a Black Magic Cinema Camera with an Anamorphic lens? Yeaahh.. BUT WHY NOT DO IT? I'M MAKE THIS TRAVEL VIDEO LOOK PRETTY AS SHIT! YUHHH!