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I might have bought the Diablo 3 expansion last night. I might have played it till 3am. I might have woke up to a text message from a client asking if the video I've been working on would be ready for his meeting at 1pm. It was 9:15am. I still had to do the last round of revisions as well as add all the motion tracked VFX the client wanted. VFX that would add some spice and make it POP...or that was the idea. 

Do I tell him that I won't be ready? Do I tell him that VFX is time consuming? Do I ask for more time? Or do I just grab the "oh shit" handle bar and get to work immediately at my tiny workstation next to my bed. 

I use After Effects a lot. Or at least I try to. For any projects that don't require it, I still use it. It gives me good practice, keeps my skills fresh, and ads some spice that the client doesn't expect (and usually really likes). 

So when a situation like this happens. When it's time to nut up and rock that After Effects like its a one night stand. (That's a little much) I can do so. Plus it's kinda intense.. Competition VFX!! 

Here's some of what I made this morning. You can judge and critique.. but the client liked it! :)