Trusting others.

I've lost friends because of how we collided with media. When you put your entire being into this art you get rather self defensive when people invade. When people try to take too much credit or never listen to your own creative opinion. Politics. As anyone will tell you, politics go hand in hand in this creative field. Everyone has a voice and an opinion. Over the few years I've been doing video production, I've been solo. I have the technology to do so. To video, to edit, to grade, to do VFX. I do it. I like doing it. All of it. But..

I think people can be successful straight on their own. Without any help. They have the creative vision and the talent to succeed. More power to them, those lucky badasses. Me on the other hand.. the longer I work in this field.. the more I realize the talent and love of others is the best thing I could ever have. 

So even though I'm terrible at it and slowly improving working directly with others. I'm surrounding myself with it. As much as I can.